European Common
D. Birth: March/2009
FeLV, FIV: Negative

Obviously, Amperio is not a British.
In April 2009 we decided to share life with a feline friend. We wanted a siamese kitten-like or thai. We are looking for several kennels and call some animal shelters.
Concha, owner of the animal protection "El Rincón de Tecla", found two kittens, under a car, numb with cold and took them home. She called them Andy and Lucas. Posted a photo of the two on the internet and we saw it. Lucas was cute Siamese coat. Immediately call and that same day we went to see him and we brought him home.
Professor of Deva, Geldo and kittens, in jumps, races, camouflage (behind the curtains) and theft by night and treachery. Although as sometimes happens, students already surpass the teacher.
Now that cute kitty weighs 8 kilos and is a big guy who can not stop doing pranks with others.
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