European Common
December/1997 - December/2011
In memory

We also want to make mention here of another member of our family who unfortunately already left us. Tostao came to our home with cats for 11 years, 60 human.
In May 2009 the internet again looking for a partner to Amp, and found the family Grandfather. Carmen, her owner could not take care of him, for lack of time, the ad caught my attention because Tostao said was a "Mr. Cat".
Tostão born in Spain, lived for a while in Costa Rica, where he followed his owner to work every day, on a butterfly farm, and uploaded to the network that was to the hatchery roof, waiting for him to finish the day. After a few years he returned to Spain with his mistress, that finding a new job and have no time to devote took this difficult decision, which came to our house Tostao.
Deva was professor of conduct, behavior, feline postural education, hunting and good eating habits.
Thanks Carmen, for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the company of this great feline friend.
Tostao left us December 7, 2011 at 14 years of age due to kidney failure was dragging for a few years.
We miss you.
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